September in Paradise.

Well that was fun, NOT!

During the height of summer in the UK – (ho-ho!) – My old XP Laptop started doing weird things, like dropping emails into Junk from people in my contacts book, and it would slooooooowwwww right down for no reason

Looking hard at the ports showed 25 and 465 were going mad sending emails out, that I wasn’t sending – (very frustrating) – seems that I picked up something in my rummaging around the Internet, and/or spam – attachments.

– (and I never open them).

How I got a root virus is beyond me, considering I have the latest virus definitions in my security programmes, but we reckon that’s what the machine has, and we can’t get rid of it.

Anyhow, my old machine is no longer, and has shuffled of its mortal coil: Pulled the drive, and got some data off it. Everything else is on Drop-Box. A few years ago, and this infection would have been a disaster, but with off-site backups like Google-Drive, and others, it’s just an annoyance.

The major problem in selecting a new machine I had, was finding the right key-board. The first computer I bought was an HP-Split. Lovely piece of kit, solid-state, runs for eleven hours between charges, but it was missing something I use all the time. Namely a context-menu key, this one shown below in fact.



And it wasn’t till I got the Beasty home, that I realised it wasn’t on the key-board, so back it went to Staples: And to be fair, they changed it without any questions. Trouble is they didn’t have anything suitable, and I really like dealing with them, so I was forced to walk round Curry’s (shudder) and then PC-World (double shudder).

In that awful, jumped up bimbo shop, full of bloody kids, hair-cuts and noise: I found a clearance model all alone, and stuffed under a shelf.

The machine in question was a Sony Vaio, runs for 6.5 hours between charges, 500 Gig hard drive, DVD drive, good full sized key-board, and a touch screen, (that’s just weird).

photo 1And its installed with WINDOWS 8 (yuk!) – Shown is the Log on screen, along with Cee in Blue looking on. Setting the computer up with a fixed I.P. Address was a pain, even worse than doing it on the XP operating system, but I’m getting there.

My email client (thunder-bird) is still being a pain to set up, and especially trying to import all my old posts, and more importantly my attachments, and documents that have been sent to me over the years. That stupid thing Microsoft offers, is just a joke.

Another joke, is that goofy Start-Screen: that Microsoft says is a replacement to the Start Menu, and I’ve found it’s completely unusable, but all is not lost on that front. A quick Goggle search throws up several options to get rid of it. I chose a programme called Classic Shell, and the latest version can be found [ here ] It’s free, and is donation ware.

I paid $20.00 to support it.

Just look what it does to the desktop. Using this programme makes the awful Windows 8 OS usable, and the desktop ends up looking like Windows 98SE, that was my favourite OS Platform of all time, but XP and Vista had their good points as well. With classic shell, I feel I’m in control with this set up.

Now if I could only get my email working: I’m back into the electronic universe.

Foot note: As can be seen from the screen shot, Word 2003 is also installed: I actually bought Office 2013 with the new machine, and deleted it just as fast.

– It is awful.

Question: Who in the Microsoft development team considered that Ribbon to be useful? And why have they dropped the context-Menu key from the set up? And why is it so hard to correct and edit your spelling?

Sorry, but Office 2013 isn’t fit for purpose.

The Sony PC is, and Classic Shell makes it all work. Highly recommended, now I can get back to re-editing chapter four and five of Echo’s, thank-you John for all your hard work to date.

An announcement to all the boys and girls following the Gennaro’s Children series: Book III, titled ECHO’S is nearing completion, and a serialised version of the chapters (in finished draft form) is available on demand.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


Spring time in Paradise.

Well, Easter has come and gone, and still [Echo’s] is in a state of temporal flux, sorry about that!

Currently my website is the focus of my attention. I got sick of the pink cotton candy one I made. After all that tweaking I did: it ended up looking cheap and nasty, something a child might enjoy!

Changed the look and feel of it, in one night.

My WordPress site uses Weaver II: It’s very good, and relatively simple to use, but does have a steep learning curve. If you want any pointers on it, email me! – I’ll be only too glad to help.

Other news: I’ve sold my windows 7 portable PC, and bought a 13″ MacBook Air. It runs for ten hours without a recharge. Tested it for nine before it started complaining.

I’m running Scrivener on this platform, and it saves in all formats.

– And that, is all it has got going for it: compared to the PC version.

On a Mac: everyone says it’s better, but that’s not my experience; being as I only use the program to break-down my work.

My problem using the PC, and Scrivener; was I couldn’t get the program to read my work back to me. On the Mac I can, but it’s not all a bed of roses.

The voice I selected to test my writing, is actually OK, but you cannot get to the heart of the program. The underscore (‘-‘) I use, to break my paragraphs: is viewed as a conjoin statement, making the voice ramble over it.

– Does make the content hard to decipher.

Something weird is also installed on the Mac. The program is called ‘Ginger’, and is described as a writing tool. It’s been picking up some of my more glaring errors, but at seven bucks a month, tis’ expensive.

– Doesn’t like [tis‘].
– I may pay for it, I may not.

The Mac keyboard also sucks big time; as there is no delete key! – Nor any comparable pop-up WINDOWS command key. I used that feature a lot on the PC, and missed it greatly:

MacIn the end, I was forced to bolt on, a USB keyboard and run a program called Keyboard Preferences.

Doing that, finally gave me some control back.

Installing programs is another minefield, the Mac doesn’t make it easy and compared to the PC: – It’s practically in the stone age.

The problem stems from my use of directories (not bloody folders) – I like to control that sort of thing, but woe-betide anyone wanting to actually view the directory structure.

Think I made a mistake getting this Mac and flogging my portable.

Trouble is, the darn thing cost me over 900 (pounds) and I’m going to master it.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise-be the ORI.


Sigh! … When free isn’t enough.

I’ve pulled all my Books.

I had them listed on. Feedbooks, Amazon, Memoware, GetfreeBooks and Smashwords. I ditched Goggle ages ago. Mega problems with them. They said it was Beta Books and it really was. You can’t remove or re-edit Books. Just build them up, one copy; on top of Another! … On Top Of Another! … Not good.

… Both Books are even pulled from here. Sorry!

My Books are free and it’s the story that drives them. Seems it’s not enough for some. I’ve had it with the Trolls taking cheap pot shots at me from the wings. ‘Free and Perfect, or don’t bother Bitch!’ Their Actual words! … The Twatts! … [ Really annoyed over that. ]

Hell; I know my style is its rough, but I’m just writing the story. I haven’t got a massive team behind me.

Harry Potter didn’t get written : Just like That!

I’ve finally got fed up with it.

So till I can get them proof read. [For Free] They’re in limbo.

The Trinity : [ Book version number 2.5 to 3.5 ] in the Gennaro’s Children series, is finished.

In the mean time Book ThreeEcho’s: … is on hold; as I go back through Book’s 1 and 2 to re-edit them, yet again.

Somehow I’ve got to get it Absolutely Perfect! and remaining Free!

I’ve got this notion that if you can read it on and iPhone, or Android then you’re half the way there. So Chapter by Chapter. I’m putting them on ‘Wattpad’. It’s an eBook site for the iPhone. I’ve uploaded ‘The Introduction’ and ‘Chapter One’ of ‘the Gathering’ so far. It does look better! … I think? But without feedback. I’m swimming in the dark.

If you read this; and if you’d like a copy of Book’s One [and/or] Two faults and all. Or even Book [v 2.5->3.5 ] : Them email me.

You will find all the information, you require; on the Contacts Page.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


The never ending story.

It’s now Feb; and this has become annoying. I was currently working across three (four) Machines. One in my Bedroom. Two in my Study and one in the front room, humourlessly called ‘TV One!’: Now I’ve been writing like this for years, but since NaNoWriMo I’ve become confused as to what review, version and edition I’m working on.

It came to a point two weeks into the new year when I started  re-writing a backup copy of ‘The Trinity’. After three hours of revision I slowly realised I’d been covering old ground. Then found the latest version I’d been working on the previous night. Oh Boy! … to put it mildly: I was ‘Pissed’. So the next day I went shopping. I was in the market for a Laptop.

…But, it had to have the perfect Keyboard.

I knew in my mind the keyboard had to have a large Return Key. A soft feel. Function Keys that are large enough to hit on the fly. A Delete key and Backspace Key that are large enough to use and not just tucked away somewhere. Also it must have Navigation Keys that are usable. With the Up and Down Arrow keys located sensibly. The Page Up, Down, End and Home keys had to be in a world of their own, instead of being part of a secondary function; as in pressing Alt: or Ctrl: to activate them. This list of requirements proved hard to full fill.

Comet, PC World, Dixon’s Maplin’s aka Tandy: (grin) Well anyhow none of them had the perfect keyboard. I even went on-line. In desperation I wandered into Staples, and found a laptop for £475.00 more that I wanted to pay, but it was on special and the Keyboard was perfect.

Pix included.

It’s an HP Pavilion DV6 – 3119SA Laptop and I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed with it. But being as I bought it last week it’s taken that long to sort out my Book Files and all the supporting research notes.

The set of software I use proved even more challenging. Finding and moving Amy from IVONA was relatively easy. It’s the screen reading programme I use, and is really good. I’ve had to root out and reinstall ClaroRead 5.7: Because I’ve finally ditched ‘Word’ in favour of ‘Scrivener’. Which is the absolute Bee’s Knees. Highly recommend.

…And all that; along with digging out all the relevent serial numbers.

Other things: I use Thunderbird as my eMail client and that was fun moving all my emails over to the new machine. As for my Browser? I’ve finally given up with Explorer. It’s just too buggy on some web sites, even version 8.0: So I’m now using Mozilla Firefox. It’s very good, and fast.

I then had to transfer all of this lot over the LAN and onto the new machine.

It’s a never ending story, grin.

Thanks for reading, Jessica. Praise be the ORI.


Win NamMo:

Well that was a Bitch of a Month.

Yesterday: Saturday … I Washed all the Covers in the Living Room: Hovered throughout Including behind the Sofas. Cleaned and Polished the Tops as well as doing all the shelves in the Kitchen. Burned all the rubbish in our fire Pit. Collected up a Huge pile of aclumlated Junk that had developed over the course of time that I was indisposed.

Today after I finished this I’ve got to wash the Yard. Wash the Van then start on the Xmas Decorations.

The reason for this? … Was because in Novembers I hid away and wrote 50K Words in the NaNoWriMo concept. That is; write a Novel within a Month : A novel by the way, is considered to be the minimum of 50,000 words. Well I did it, but as I said in doing it; I had to hide away for the entire month. I ignored all their protestations about dinner, hovering; washed clothes and clean plates, but I did it. And here’s my reward.


 It’s not much, but I feel proud to display it on my Blog.

I only emerged on the 1st to face the Housework; and the Washing, and the Xmas Decorations; and now I’ve got to now face a months worth of Shopping to do. Oh and by the way; My other half frazzled at the stress of actually doing some Cooking and even doing a bit of Hovering has gone away for the weekend to recuperate?? My Son has also abandoned me preferring to stay over at his girlfriends???? – Sigh! they just don’t get it. I actually wonder, If I get it sometimes!

Anyhow: ‘The Trinity’ – My Book; after its had a re-edit, will be here soon. It coverer’s Jessica’s Time on board ‘the Acorn’, as well as some of her history after she was abandoned in 2007, but mainly it’s about a Rabbit, a Pheasant; a Fisher-man called Albert Goodall and a the Ghost of a Witch called Belinda. Is she good, or not? That is the question.

Book One and Two of Gennaro’s Children is, as always available here:

{filelink=1} … Password 12345 :

{filelink=2} … Password 12345 :

Thanks for Reading, Jessy : Praise the ORI.


Arab Spring

Well the title seems appropriate.
…Considering Mohammed and Abdul are now born again Christians [evil grin] – Book III Echo’s is driving me crazy. The sub plots alone and Gods involvement with the mission are intriguing to say the least. These notes I’ve got together reveal an interesting development.

Your learning, as am I about what’s transpiring in that other time line.

Anyhow on with the post. I have followers! – I’m really pleased even though my grammar and style leave a lot to be desired. It’s the story that’s important and as it has been noted, you can read it. Just persevere.

If anyone out there wants the job of correcting it (professionally) Please contact me. I’m not to proud to know my limitations.

The History thus far.

I’ve updated Books I and II on feedbooks. Clicking the link will open a new window.

The link for Book I is Gennaro’s Children ‘the Gathering’.

Whist link for Book II is Gennaro’s Children ‘Generations’.

Note: I’ve include the links because the site offers more file formats for reading devices. ‘EPUB’ and ‘Kindle’ and they are a free download. I think the only consideration is you have to join, but that’s also free.

Got books ( I and II ) on Amazon.

I don’t expect much from that place … I’ve found it almost impossible to make the books free! …But the people and the readers there just seem to want space-ships, male-heroes in tight Lycra or Spandex standing proud. Whilst wearing their knickers on the outside and holding, between their legs, their mighty laser gun! …The other style I’ve seen are Latino lovers dominating their woman ‘totally’ …Also found there in abundance are sex mad deviants books whilst others describe themselves as ‘flesh eaters!’ The type of book(s) I’ve browsed and viewed leaves me cold.

… I’ve already been the subject of a cruel ‘Troll’ attack from an idiot who’s only pleasure in life is to criticize for the enjoyment. This sort then sits back and watches the war erupt around him. I’ve seen his type before and wont engage in a war or words with the ‘moron’.

…’Amazon’ we await to be impressed. The links below cost money 0.90p if fact, but if you want the ease of the download straight to you ‘kindle’ here they are. Amazon – the Gathering for Book I. For Book Two the link is Amazon – Generations

I’ve got ‘Book I’ on Smashwords. Clicking the link will open a new window.

The link for my book is Smashwords – the Gathering and I’ve include the link as there are several type of downloads that may be of benefit for your reading device. Including ‘plain text’ and ‘html’. They are free, this fact is, I feel important. I want readers.

BTW. The book up-loader programme at Smashwords is called ‘the Meat-grinder’ and it will reject any formatting fault it detects. That includes headers, inconsistencies in tabs and paragraphs and what it perceives to be over sized fonts being used. On Easter Saturday it reported that over 4,000 books were in the queue before my humble contribution was to be considered. Anyhow after ‘two and a half days’ my book went through without a blip’ .. Cool … It really does pay to RTFM (grin)

Goggle isn’t easy to manipulate and whilst I’ve got both Books on their web site I can’t delete the old one? Anyhow as the link ‘there’ simply points back to my site I’ll not include it here, but to gain ‘google’ brownie points just mention the fact.

Book III (3) will be out soon — Happy reading Jessica.