Sigh! … When free isn’t enough.

I’ve pulled all my Books.

I had them listed on. Feedbooks, Amazon, Memoware, GetfreeBooks and Smashwords. I ditched Goggle ages ago. Mega problems with them. They said it was Beta Books and it really was. You can’t remove or re-edit Books. Just build them up, one copy; on top of Another! … On Top Of Another! … Not good.

… Both Books are even pulled from here. Sorry!

My Books are free and it’s the story that drives them. Seems it’s not enough for some. I’ve had it with the Trolls taking cheap pot shots at me from the wings. ‘Free and Perfect, or don’t bother Bitch!’ Their Actual words! … The Twatts! … [ Really annoyed over that. ]

Hell; I know my style is its rough, but I’m just writing the story. I haven’t got a massive team behind me.

Harry Potter didn’t get written : Just like That!

I’ve finally got fed up with it.

So till I can get them proof read. [For Free] They’re in limbo.

The Trinity : [ Book version number 2.5 to 3.5 ] in the Gennaro’s Children series, is finished.

In the mean time Book ThreeEcho’s: … is on hold; as I go back through Book’s 1 and 2 to re-edit them, yet again.

Somehow I’ve got to get it Absolutely Perfect! and remaining Free!

I’ve got this notion that if you can read it on and iPhone, or Android then you’re half the way there. So Chapter by Chapter. I’m putting them on ‘Wattpad’. It’s an eBook site for the iPhone. I’ve uploaded ‘The Introduction’ and ‘Chapter One’ of ‘the Gathering’ so far. It does look better! … I think? But without feedback. I’m swimming in the dark.

If you read this; and if you’d like a copy of Book’s One [and/or] Two faults and all. Or even Book [v 2.5->3.5 ] : Them email me.

You will find all the information, you require; on the Contacts Page.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


The never ending story.

It’s now Feb; and this has become annoying. I was currently working across three (four) Machines. One in my Bedroom. Two in my Study and one in the front room, humourlessly called ‘TV One!’: Now I’ve been writing like this for years, but since NaNoWriMo I’ve become confused as to what review, version and edition I’m working on.

It came to a point two weeks into the new year when I started  re-writing a backup copy of ‘The Trinity’. After three hours of revision I slowly realised I’d been covering old ground. Then found the latest version I’d been working on the previous night. Oh Boy! … to put it mildly: I was ‘Pissed’. So the next day I went shopping. I was in the market for a Laptop.

…But, it had to have the perfect Keyboard.

I knew in my mind the keyboard had to have a large Return Key. A soft feel. Function Keys that are large enough to hit on the fly. A Delete key and Backspace Key that are large enough to use and not just tucked away somewhere. Also it must have Navigation Keys that are usable. With the Up and Down Arrow keys located sensibly. The Page Up, Down, End and Home keys had to be in a world of their own, instead of being part of a secondary function; as in pressing Alt: or Ctrl: to activate them. This list of requirements proved hard to full fill.

Comet, PC World, Dixon’s Maplin’s aka Tandy: (grin) Well anyhow none of them had the perfect keyboard. I even went on-line. In desperation I wandered into Staples, and found a laptop for £475.00 more that I wanted to pay, but it was on special and the Keyboard was perfect.

Pix included.

It’s an HP Pavilion DV6 – 3119SA Laptop and I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed with it. But being as I bought it last week it’s taken that long to sort out my Book Files and all the supporting research notes.

The set of software I use proved even more challenging. Finding and moving Amy from IVONA was relatively easy. It’s the screen reading programme I use, and is really good. I’ve had to root out and reinstall ClaroRead 5.7: Because I’ve finally ditched ‘Word’ in favour of ‘Scrivener’. Which is the absolute Bee’s Knees. Highly recommend.

…And all that; along with digging out all the relevent serial numbers.

Other things: I use Thunderbird as my eMail client and that was fun moving all my emails over to the new machine. As for my Browser? I’ve finally given up with Explorer. It’s just too buggy on some web sites, even version 8.0: So I’m now using Mozilla Firefox. It’s very good, and fast.

I then had to transfer all of this lot over the LAN and onto the new machine.

It’s a never ending story, grin.

Thanks for reading, Jessica. Praise be the ORI.


Right here – Read Now!


Well that took forever … I started the re-write of ‘Book One the Gathering’. : . Just after August the 9th 2011, and finished it on 23rd September this year, is it still the same year? It doesn’t feel like it.

It represents a major update, and re-write and has taken me over one and a half months with a proof reader to get it right, but it’s finally finished. It’s on my web site as a [ download ]. It now has all those ‘Typos’ removed. It forms into constructive sentences, with commas, and breaks inserted. Where they’re supposed to be … I’ve declared it as Version 7.a, and its the last time I’m editing the dammed thing. What you see is what you get. BTW: You should hear It with ‘AMY’ speaking … I think she’s great, but for you to experience ‘AMY’ for yourself you have to buy her voice license from [ ‘IVONA’ ]:

Still looking into getting a distribution licence, but its expensive. That said I do need people to sample and proof it for me. [peek gnidaer]

Sigh: Book Two next, but not today.

Other notes:

My purchase of ClaroRead, was a waste of money. If you’re in my position use the [ Macro Here ]: Or find it. Its under the top menu : ‘About->Software Primer->Free Speech.’ It’s a full and intense tutorial. I suggest you print it out and work from that. It does work, and works well.

[ IVONA ] … Cost about £50.00, but it could be cheaper. I paid £32.00 for it, with a special offer.

[And note: That price is for personal use only]

Unfortunately they only accept Pay-Pal, which is a pain. Anyhow for that price, it includes one VOICE : The one I use is ‘AMY’ : But ‘DAVE’ is OK. What you get for your bucks is the voice and the support Programme.

Anyhow : The Support Programme is a Browser window, that does a brilliant job of saving your DOC->TXT file {because it converts it} then reads it to an MP3 audio file. You can also use it as a basic editor as well, but as I’ve said elsewhere. I needed to format my Book as I write it.

This is why ClaroRead was a waste of money:


It’s all to do with the ‘Punctuation Editors’ that come with both ‘IVONA’ and ‘ClaroRead’. They are both completely different. So If you proof-read with ClaroRead, then use ‘AMY’ to construct your Audio file. It mispronounces common words.

For example words like ‘read’ : OK, as in. ‘You read a book, and think its great’

Now try this.

‘The book was read to him and he said it was great’.

The English is correct, but in your mind you’ve just converted the word from ‘read’ to ‘red’ as the above sentence demands. Which is why a great many people have ‘red’ my book [GRIN] Typos and all. As you read, you convert automatically.

The correct way to write the above is.

‘The book was ‘red’ to him’ and he said it was great’.

It’s spelt wrong, but sounds right. This is the job of the ‘Punctuation Editor’. It replaces words on the fly to sound the words correctly.

Another example.

Lead: 1st use : Malleable soft Metal, but If I wanted to write.

‘To Lead astray.’ Comes out as the metal sound, you have to write it as. ‘To leed astray.’

[It’s now pronounced correctly, but spelt wrong].

And this is a good one.

Wind: As in the air blowing, or, ‘to wind someone up?’

[You have to pronounce it as wy’ind]

So it has to be written as. ‘To wy’ind some one up?’ and now it sounds right, but looks completely wrong.

My friends are getting fed up with me badgering them to listen to my book, and I’d appreciate some feed back from new ears. Use the [CONTACT] tab if you want to consider it, but there is an intensive and complex set of conditions that must be met before I can release it. Namely it should be understood its not for general distribution. Just for testing purposes only and at no point does it become yours to copy or re-distribute. I need ear testers, could you do it?

…And reconsider it hard before you say yes. The files aren’t small. They constitute a whopping 697 Meg: I don’t know how this will play out, so I’ve buried this invite inside my rambling post. If you’ve got this far you must be interested.

One of my words I had to replace was ‘Tra’: Who was, and is, one of my characters, in Gennaro’s Children. It came out sounding like Tr’a … no ‘y’ on the back of it : I had to replace the word with ‘tray’, to get it to sound right, and hit a brick wall in ClaroRead as in. She carried a tray in from the living room!’ : The word ‘tray’ double spoke! … But
in [ IVONA Voice ], it was perfect.

Now also ClaroRead doesn’t save as MP3 files. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t, and I’ve got the ‘LAME’ files for MP3 installed. Audicity finds it OK, but ClaroRead won’t?

All in all. I’m not really happy with ClaroRead. Another thing, ‘the Spell Checker’ is a swine to use, and as for trying to add words? Forget it. You need administrator privileges to work with it. And I’ve learned to my cost that you don’t run your machine as an admin.

It’s sad really, because that was one of the big selling points with ClaroRead and why I went for it in the first place. We’ll see later when I shift from ‘Word 2000’ to something cheap and cheerful that saves in the Windows . ‘DOC’ format, because the spell checker in Word is really showing it age..

The future is bright, the future has been read.

Thanks for reading : Jessy.


The Return:

Hello …

We’ve had some serious security issues with these web pages! – Thanks for finding it Lisa. Even though I don’t think you realised What you did, when you did it! {grin!} Anyhow on with the Book History. I’ve been down to Devon and stayed with some friends there. I originally had plans to find a nice quiet spot. In their huge soundproof garage. From there I planned to start the process of recording my Books I and II. Then distribute them as Free Audio Books.

I’ve read all the forums and was prepared. I’d got a small hand held recording device and Audicity to edit the output. I figured. Wrongly! That in the process, I would clean it up and correct those typos at the same time! – But that didn’t happen!

The more I tried. The more I realise that I’m not cut out to be a Proof-Reader. I haven’t got the patience,  I was reading my own mistakes and still not correcting them! – In the end I became very frustrated with the entire process, and went out with Dave; my friend in Devon, with his partner Bill for a quiet drink. That turned into another, and another. Anyhow deep in our ‘cups’ the Landlord mentioned a programme called ‘TextAloud’ – I’d never heard of it, but as soon as I saw it being used, I was hooked on the concept.

I’ve got ClaroRead and IVONA’S voice AMY.

To read the process of choosing them click the link [ Sounding Off! ]

I started the Re-Edit of Book ‘One’ on the 9th … It’s now the 17th. Sigh! – It’s a slow process! – I’ve finished parts of ‘the Gathering’ – namely – ‘Intro’ – ‘Chapter One’, ‘Two’ and ‘Three’ and that’s taken over two weeks: I can see this is going to be a long drawn out process. So as a consequence Book ‘Three’ has been put on hold.

As an interesting side note I’ve become so ‘Paranoid’ about my backups I’ve stared to store the rewritten Chapters and WAV/Mp3 files in several places including Terry’s home network on his Server.

…And it’s got so bad, that after I lost one whole days work:

I’ve taken to keeping the MP3 files along with the cleaned up Chapters on a ‘backup folder’ on my web site. Now that really is Anxiety in its raw state!

Thanks for reading – Jessica.


Arab Spring

Well the title seems appropriate.
…Considering Mohammed and Abdul are now born again Christians [evil grin] – Book III Echo’s is driving me crazy. The sub plots alone and Gods involvement with the mission are intriguing to say the least. These notes I’ve got together reveal an interesting development.

Your learning, as am I about what’s transpiring in that other time line.

Anyhow on with the post. I have followers! – I’m really pleased even though my grammar and style leave a lot to be desired. It’s the story that’s important and as it has been noted, you can read it. Just persevere.

If anyone out there wants the job of correcting it (professionally) Please contact me. I’m not to proud to know my limitations.

The History thus far.

I’ve updated Books I and II on feedbooks. Clicking the link will open a new window.

The link for Book I is Gennaro’s Children ‘the Gathering’.

Whist link for Book II is Gennaro’s Children ‘Generations’.

Note: I’ve include the links because the site offers more file formats for reading devices. ‘EPUB’ and ‘Kindle’ and they are a free download. I think the only consideration is you have to join, but that’s also free.

Got books ( I and II ) on Amazon.

I don’t expect much from that place … I’ve found it almost impossible to make the books free! …But the people and the readers there just seem to want space-ships, male-heroes in tight Lycra or Spandex standing proud. Whilst wearing their knickers on the outside and holding, between their legs, their mighty laser gun! …The other style I’ve seen are Latino lovers dominating their woman ‘totally’ …Also found there in abundance are sex mad deviants books whilst others describe themselves as ‘flesh eaters!’ The type of book(s) I’ve browsed and viewed leaves me cold.

… I’ve already been the subject of a cruel ‘Troll’ attack from an idiot who’s only pleasure in life is to criticize for the enjoyment. This sort then sits back and watches the war erupt around him. I’ve seen his type before and wont engage in a war or words with the ‘moron’.

…’Amazon’ we await to be impressed. The links below cost money 0.90p if fact, but if you want the ease of the download straight to you ‘kindle’ here they are. Amazon – the Gathering for Book I. For Book Two the link is Amazon – Generations

I’ve got ‘Book I’ on Smashwords. Clicking the link will open a new window.

The link for my book is Smashwords – the Gathering and I’ve include the link as there are several type of downloads that may be of benefit for your reading device. Including ‘plain text’ and ‘html’. They are free, this fact is, I feel important. I want readers.

BTW. The book up-loader programme at Smashwords is called ‘the Meat-grinder’ and it will reject any formatting fault it detects. That includes headers, inconsistencies in tabs and paragraphs and what it perceives to be over sized fonts being used. On Easter Saturday it reported that over 4,000 books were in the queue before my humble contribution was to be considered. Anyhow after ‘two and a half days’ my book went through without a blip’ .. Cool … It really does pay to RTFM (grin)

Goggle isn’t easy to manipulate and whilst I’ve got both Books on their web site I can’t delete the old one? Anyhow as the link ‘there’ simply points back to my site I’ll not include it here, but to gain ‘google’ brownie points just mention the fact.

Book III (3) will be out soon — Happy reading Jessica.