Book 4.5a — Five And A Half:


Book IV.[5a] — Cover Art Work — Five And A Half.


In a Galaxy far, far away: Animals can think and speak, and Humans are a background noise that needs to be ignored.

See Romulus and Remus take to the Boxing Ring to settle an old score. See Mr Tumms administer justice, and cower in dismay at what Moxy has planned for the Pheasants of the Great Field.

Watch in amazement, as the great venture of going round the bowl begins, and stand in wonder at the Ghost called Glenda: See her rise to power, then witness her fall from grace.

Secretly, spy in on the secret service agents who are unaware that we are here. Watch them as they track down the enemy agents in this game of cat and mouse.

— But most of all: Understand that this book is for reading to your Child, and the age of the child; must be at least.


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