The Good Old Daze.


What you are about to read below, is a thesis and nothing more, but as you take it in, just remember this sanguine fact before you.


You might say that’s nonsense to what’s written here, but what I say this in response. The most leaned minds in their fields don’t know either. All they can do is guess, make suppositions and construct theorems of their own, based on what facts are presented to them. The trouble with that approach : Is they see the raw data, with their own prejudices intact. They have spent years learning their craft, and as such; are tainted by the experience.

– Teachers teach, students simply copy what they are taught.

I don’t have any training, just a passion: From that passion, I can construct a conjecture, about any subject, and keep an open mind whilst I’m at it.

– Keep an Open Mind : That is the key word in this.
Because that’s all (we) can really do from here.
– That’s here : where we are; in the far flung future.


– We all live on this Magnificent Blue Marble of a Bountiful Living Planet.

Yearly, we : And the others of our birth Parent, take our circular pilgrimage round our a Titanic yellow Mother, (the Sun). Our impossibly large Solar System is conveniently tucked into the back-end of a four armed spiral Galaxy : that has about, 110 Million other Matriarchal Stars in it.

The Milky Way Galaxy, in turn : Is surrounded by more than a Trillion other Galaxies, and these are just the ones that we we can actually see, in the visible Universe.

These Monstrously Large : Swirling Masses of Super Heated Gas Clouds, are all crowded together – into an unbelievably small, microscopic pin hole.
– That’s lost, and ignored; somewhere in the Infinite Void.

Now travel back with me to the time before God existed, a time when the Heathens (the Primitives) : knew Everything!

Deep and profound mysteries surround the creatures of this age.
– They are the people who used to live in Briton about 6,000 years ago BC.

That was a time, when everyone : Knew, Absolutely everything.
– And the entire known Universe went up to the Horizon.

[ Land Law. ]
The Links on this page are the basis for my arguments. I’ve laid them out first, with an outline on each. It’s from them, that I’ve formed my theses on how our Knowledgeable Ancestors lived.
– And:
– What they Believed-In.

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The Goggle Traps.

The Origins of Man.
The Ancients.
Ancient Britons.
Neolithic Britain.
Britain 6,000 years ago.
Britain 7,000 years ago.

1.) We will start with the Stone Balls, that are found in abundance, and are buried all around Scotland. There have been 425 (ish) dug up to date, carbon dated to about 4,000 years ago. No one knows why they were buried, nor why they are found exclusivity in the ground.

– But they have been buried.
– It’s an important fact.

[ General ‘curved stones balls’ : description, and discussion. ]

2.) Whether Eye: About – 12,000 years ago [ the last ice age finished ] and that’s a recorded fact. Although the exact date is in doubt, but its generally agreed; that the ice sheets finally lifted between 12,500 and 11,000 BC.

So my question is this:-
– If it got warmer : (And it did).
– And all the ice went away : (Again, it did).
– And from and from it, the sea level rose : (Because it did).

– Then just why did the area of the North Sea become dry land?
– (Because it did).
– And it seems it did, for quite a long time as well.

The up and down answer:
Here’s why: It’s called [ Isostasy. ] Basically the theory says, when the weight of ice comes off the crust, it bounces back up, then down, then up and down again; in slower and lower rhythms.

– Till it eventually stops wobbling.

Yes, the crust is wobbling over thousands of years, but we can’t see; or feel it. All we would see, was the sea getting higher and lower over the generations.

– Currently the ground is bobbing back up.

The proof for that statement comes from the dig at [ the Richborough Roman Fort. ] Which is near Sandwich in Kent. The excavations suggests that Emperor Claudius’ men in AD 43 : Landed at a point, two miles inland from the present coastline.

– The sea is retreating, meaning we are still going up on the wobble.

It leads me on to another interesting discovery. It’s that [ Britain’s Atlantis ] was found at bottom of the North Sea, and has been described as a huge undersea world, that was swallowed by the North Sea : In 6500BC.
– The fishing area, is now called ‘the Dogger-Bank’.

In the past, on that raised land; a mass of animal bones have been found.

– It isn’t in doubt that the animals lived there for a considerable time.

The scientific community don’t actually know just when the animals roamed across the dry land of the North Sea, but they have identified a divergent mass of animal bones.

One set, was that of a Hippopotamus : that can *only* survived in a warm climate, another set was that of a Mammoth : (who are suited to a cold climate.)

– Lots and lots of others have been found, including extinct Big Cats.

To save face on this massive find, the Scientist confidently quoted a time line that goes from (about) 2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago. This ridiculously large time span, is commonly referred to as the.
[ Pleistocene Period. ]
… And was used to date the bones they found on the sea floor.

( It was a cope out. )

Here is one, such (un)-informative [ Article. ] : True its written by a newspaper, whose readership has the collective IQ: – Of three ten year old boys. The story is discussing the trawled finds, as well as questioning the merits of beam trawling in the North Sea.

3.) Irish – Mental – Breakdown:
To the west of the Island of Britain, is the ravaged Island of Ireland. At its leading edge, is the Island chain of [ Aran ].

( That island chain now faces the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. )

A small strip of land is all that’s left of a magnificent set of hills, that used to rise up above the wide, flat; and rich Savannah’s, that was the dry Continental Shelf.

Because it follows : That if the North Sea was dry; then the shore line around Ireland was very different as well. I propose, that vast areas of the continental shelf would be exposed and dry. That would also include the area between Wales and Ireland.

Below are some sites from Aran and Ireland. They are looking at the *forts* and stones circles found on the islands, that are located to the West of the UK.

4.) On the ‘Other Side’.
In the South of England is a village called Bourton on the Water, in the Cotswold’s district. In 2000 an Archaeological Dig was begun at the Primary School, after the Builders of an Extension : Discovered the Skeleton of a Body. It turned out to be that of a young girl, buried on top of a rubbish pit. She was radio carbon dated to about 300 BC:

BTW : The Media nickname for her, was [ Bourton Betty. ]

Over the years, and after more building works were undertaken, three more adult women were also found, as well as a new born baby.

– The considered opinion, was that they were human sacrifices.


4a.) Going up North.
A Chariot Burial was unearthed in a village called Wetwang, east Yorkshire.

Link [ One: ]
Link [ Two: ]

The woman buried in the grave, was found beneath a second hand Chariot. At her feet, was a polished iron mirror, covered in an animal skin. It should be noted that she had a deformed face.

The Archaeologists declared at the time, that she was obviously a Warrior Queen!

– Sigh!

Both finds above, are a long way from the Late Age I’m looking at, but they give an impression of the thinking involved with the peoples of that time.

5.) Going back : to the top of the known world.
The dig and large buildings discovered at [ the Ness of Brodgar ] as well as the web site of [ Skara Brae ] are good, and interesting reads.

In one of the above articles : I am amused by the bit that says:- ‘The site was farther from the sea than it is today. … Although the visible buildings give an impression of an organic whole, it is certain that an unknown quantity of additional structures had already been lost to sea erosion.’

5a.) [ Hummmm! ].
Both of the above links demonstrated some fascinating information on what our Ancestors houses, and large buildings / ( temples) : looked like.

Trouble is, from this stone based perspective, no one can actually describe what the people did, or what they believed in. We only have a rough idea on how what the buildings floor plans were.

Then, from what we see.
– We try to implement our own standards on what’s laid out before us.

Unfortunately, it is based on our own Limited Vision; and Morals we now live by.

For example: If there is a Temple!
– It must be a Heathen place of Human Sacrifice, and run by Druids; who ruled a wicked corrupt Religion.
Because, obviously; it wasn’t as civilised as our own Christian based belief is.

As such, (in our superior position) : We can only pass judgement on what we see.
– Because what we see, is inferior; and privileged in every conceivable way.

Unfortunately, the Archaeologist’s don’t know what the great Temples did at the Ness of Brodgar : Nor why they were build in the first place.


The layout.

The Breakdown:

There are six large stone Buildings found to date. They were all housed inside a massive site. The long enclosed stone walls were two meters high.

– An impressive structure.

But, we are already proscribing Human Sacrifices to that place, because Human bones have been found there.

– It’s plainly obvious.

Except! – Not many bones have been found to date.

Another strange fact: The site was dismantled, not abandoned, and that was around 2,300 BC: Which was about a thousand years after its construction began.

Archaeologists working at the site have discovered that the place was abruptly left, and practically overnight. They radiocarbon dated animal bones found on the site, and it suggests a huge feast, or ceremony was held with more than 600 cattle being slaughtered in – [‘one night?’].

Then it seems, that the site; appears to have been completely decommissioned.

Not just abandoned, but taken apart: stone by stone. From that point on, the Great Temple complex, on which the Residents of the Orkney District lavished almost a millennium’s effort – Quietly slipped into History; and then out of Memory.

– And it remained forgotten for the next 4,000 years.


1c2b2449238f690c9118d1259e735450c9d9504d2fd057b809e4a1ea6.) Archaeological Facts.
Both places in the Orkney’s (and others) found in the Outer Hebrides, as well as settlements found in Wales and Ireland, are a lot older than the sites found around Stonehenge.

6a.) The Big WHY on that:
(And here is where my Logical sequencing begins.)
The reason the area up in the Hebrides was occupied first : Is because the center of Briton was a thick impenetrable forest, and that includes the high area around Amesbury to Salisbury.

(The Home of Stonehenge.)

– Which was built between 3100 and 2800 BC.

7.) Laying down the Course Work.
We have already established, that about 11,000 years ago the UK was part of the continental shelf. (this is a fact): It means that Briton was in the middle, and included in one very large land-mass.



Our gene lines indicate that we all have an Ancestry of from the warmer climes of the Mediterranean area

All Humanity needed to do to get to the to get to the Outer Hebrides, was simply walk to them.

I propose that the primary reason for the initial move : Was due to the pressure of limited space in the town, that they out-grew.

Our population in that small land was expanding rapidly. We had a massive time line of weather stability. (Those facts have been established by taking readings of preserved tree rings, ice cores and examining the explosion of sea life in the sediment for that time.)

In such easy periods, humanity have been known to breed like rabbits.
– And we did : And it forced us to move out.
We slowly bred, and hacked our way into the thickly wooded areas of Central Europe.

That tangled mess extended right across Europe and covered England and Wales. It spread itself out across Ireland, finally coming to an end a long way out, into what is now the Atlantic Sea.

Looking Back: The Western tip of the hills to our back, would one day become the Island of Aran, sited off the coast of the island of Ireland, with the high Mountains of the United Kingdom forming behind.

7a.) First Views.
The entire area to the West, to the ‘First Ones’ : Was an impenetrable wall, and that wall precluded any notion of travelling to Great Britain. Because they actually might have been aware of it in some Myth Legend.

– But its location could have been on the Dark Side of the Moon.

An amazing fact here: In our dim and distant past, Britain had been populated, but the people who had lived there, had had died out several ice ages ago.

– And they were long forgotten.
– As was the place name they lived in.

Proof of that statement that Briton was occupied, comes from a grave found in Wales. Its web name is called, ‘the Red Lady of Paviland.’ Incredibly the Bones have been dated to 33,000 years.

The original finder of the Grave, declared that the red dyed ochre Skeleton, was that of a prostitute; a woman of ill repute, buried by the Romans.

– Such was his arrogance.

That is the sort of prejudice we have to deal with when considering the people’s of the past.
– They are, of course; Barbaric Savages : Our first views count.

If we are here, then by default; they were the first, but although they didn’t know it at the time : they represented the [*third*] great migration to these shores, but just how did they do it?

Super High Way.

The first roads.

I surmise, that you are looking at the first super highway.

Rivers are a perfect way to travel through dense wood-lands, and I reckon that’s how they got around. If I’m right, then you are actually looking at the first Motorway of the Neolithic Peoples.


Dogged Trek

River Trek.

Kick Arse.

The map to the side was constructed by the oil companies, that during their mapping of the North Sea, actually discovered the massive Dogger-land Island. It was located below their drilling Platforms.

– Look closely at the Rivers.

These are mapped from water flows seen on the sea floor of the North Sea.

– They are old River Beds.

There is a low one, that travels from the top of Mediterranean basin, almost straight to the lower Scandinavian coast line. It ends up where Germany finishes off, and Denmark starts.

Strangely, the River Rhine; that connected to the Thames valley basin wasn’t used in those early days. They found it later, but at that time, it wasn’t used.

– I speculate : It was because they didn’t know about it.

8a.) Proof of that Statement:
We find the first settlements in the UK : Only in the Orkney’s and Northern Scotland, and then down the coast of Wales and Ireland.

– But *NOT* : Along the coast line of Southern England.
– An easier place to get to, and populate.

I assess, that it was the high Mountains Range of the Alps that Hid the source of the Rhine to Southern England. As can be seen, it was a much easier trip. So it logically follows, that the old peoples; never tried to climb the Alps.

– It was too high to bother with.

The rest of the mighty River Rhine was buried in the deep forest to the left of them. So: My statement : that our direct Ancestors didn’t use it, because they didn’t know about it : Must be proved logically true.

– It’s simply compounded by the fact that the south coast *wasn’t* colonised first.
– Instead, our ancestors took the easier route they could see.
– They went East, and then North across the Great Plains.

Here, following and living on the edges of the great rivers : We thrived. Using massive rafts, (found): We used these super high ways to our advantage.

I propose that going North is the path that our distant ancestors took, and being the ultimate. – [ 8b. ) – Fast Breeder Reactors ]. – I predict that we could have moved up towards the Scandinavian coast line, within ten generations.

1 * four.
        Starting out at the edge of the forest.
2 * eight.
        Cutting out a farm land.
3 * thirty-two.
        Building a town.
4 * sixty-four.
        Moving deeper – hunting, trading furs backwards.
5 * one-hundred-and-twenty-eight.
        Second town developed.
6 * two-hundred-and-forty-eight.
        Deeper penetrations into the interior.
7 * five-hundred-and-two.
        Lines of communications running both ways.
        Mining becoming a profitable occupation, as well wood and furs.
8 * one-thousand-and-twenty.
        New towns developed even further up the river.
9 * two-thousand-and-forty.
        Highly developed trading routes, and new towns formed:
        Large wooded areas cleared.
        – Forces rapid development up river.
        Deeper mines on the hills opened.

10 generations (*) four-thousand-and-eighty people are moving up into the great forests, and even further out into the interior. At just 11 generations and just over five hundred years, the number of people jumps to 8161.

All that calculation above, is on the assumption we only have four children per family. More children means a better retirement plan for the Parent(s). I think my assumptions are defiantly on the low side.

An average town or small village is about twenty families.
– Any more in our tribe, and we become stressed.

With no restrictions in place, we moved on family by family. Moving ever deeper into the virgin landscape, as we did we bred our way slowly up the continent.

Finally coming to the coast-line at the base of Denmark, we formed a massive coastal town. (now drowned) : It came to a head. From this place we spread inland, killing, trapping, digging and rummaging in the dirt in the deep hills that surrounded the place.

– We went down deeper and deeper.

Under-ground, is where the wild animals made their dens, and below them; the deeper demons lived and prowled.

Lower than that place were the monsters of the depths called their home, but this was where the valuable stuff came from. In the depths the underworld, in the hell zone, the home of the demons : we found the best flint, precious stones, gold; and much later, copper, then iron ore.

Miners, even at the beginnings of time : were considered a breed apart. Their good luck rituals in entering the deep places of the lowest depths, took on an air of Religious Dogma.

– That Dogma came out with them.
– It penetrated, and prevailed itself into the general Population.
– Over time it became the Religion to live by.

A Race Memory is established:
– Hell is below, and Heaven is above.

It comes from a primary fear of dying under-ground. If you did that, then the demons of the depths will take you into their own realm. If you died down there, you will never be freed when it was your turn, to release your spirit back to the world of the living.

– It’s an important distinction.

Held from moving on by the great sea, and from that stinking cesspit we began trading with our Grandparents down-river. We sent them materials back, they in turn; sent food stuffs back up river.

We started the concept of a successful trading town.
– Here our beliefs became crystallised.
– Here we became very rich.
– But we kept breeding all the time.

Running out of room, with our increasingly burgeoning numbers in that highly successful trading post. The stinking town is left behind, but we are facing the natural barrier of that huge body of water : We split into two distinct lines.

– One group went North and East.
– One group went North and West.

The group that went North-West, are the ones we are following. The ones that became the British Druids. They went up from the great Scandinavian River Basin and turning West : found the large Dogger Island.

Here, seeing yet more dense forest to their left, they saw a flat area across the seas from the top of the Dogger Hills. – Building massive sea-going boats, (the hulls also recently discovered). Our Ancestors sailed to the North of Outer Hebrides Landmass.

It wasn’t yet another massive forest that our fore-fathers found, but a vast green savannah. On it, mighty herds were found wandering, and calmly grazing at will.

– They never knew what hit them.

9a.) But : We had finally found the Promised land.

– Life was Good.
– Life was Easy.
– Life was Cheap.

On the top of the high Hills, we built massive stone governmental centres that over looked the vast fertile plains, and long sea-shore ports.

Those same flat plains, in time; would become the rich fishing grounds,
… of the Outer Hebrides Islands.

9b.) Look back in Vein: (sp).
Here on that flat coastal plain, we established a clean and powerful trading nation. Within two generations, ( two thousand new people ) : we turned, then began sending goods and materials, by boat; back to that massive coastal town.

They sent us woods, and other rare materials back in return.
– Using our established sailing boats, we travelled slowly down the newly discovered coast line of Western Scotland and Northern Ireland.
– Taking what we wanted on route.
– Some stayed, some went back with trade.

9c.) Trade Winds. (sp).
That original trading town in front of the mighty sea; had a small village built onto its left hill. In cool confidence, it over looked that vast sprawling basin and the stinking suburbs below.

– The village was called Cuxhaven.

The massive trading post was located on the tributary basin of the river Elbe.

This river in turn, led back across the great Central Danubian Plain. That is now Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Austria, and in the North-East part of the Ukrainian. Now cleared of its vast forests, the winding water way, and the established trading route, went back on to Italy.

It finished its origin at the small village that gave birth of Humanity.

– A town what would eventually become known as Rome.
– In our race memory : this one small fact comes shining through.

– All roads lead to Rome.


Rome with a View.


– Now, I want you to consider a fact, and an error in your thinking if you like.

Was it just stone age monkeys, men dressed in skins: That hacked their way up through the forests, and farmed, and bred their way to the continental shelf that would become Great Britain, and Ireland.
– Or was it something else?

Were they dressed in clothes? – or not!

The Ancient Britons were wearing them, when Rome invaded. Jesus was wearing them 2,000 years ago. When did they get invented? – And used!

Type into Goggle [ Oldest woven clothing ever found. ] And the linked site pops up as a first hit. The only reason the cloth survived, is because it was semi-fossilized from contact with calcium in the antler.

– Fascinating.

It demonstrates, that we are missing the point when think about the ancient peoples of the world. If a piece of cloth was found that was 7,000 years old, then I prose that cloth usage is even older.

– And just where did the population of the Tigris River region come from?

In Turkey, lies the oldest civilization/city on Earth : Artefacts have been dated to 12,000 years. The city is called [ Gobekli Tepi ] : Its location is right on the border of Syria.

– No where near, the Tigris River.

Now to the other end of the world, Egypt. In that great country, the first Pharaoh was called Narmer’s and he lived (about 3200 BC) : The picture below is the oldest surviving image of a historic person. I’ve left in in its fullest resolution, as you can see. He is dressed in a linen loin cloth, as are others in the relief.


Oldest King

He united the Upper and Lower Nile in 5,200 years ago here’s a [ link ] if you want to read about him. That picture, shows a man wearing clothes. It’s the earliest I can find, without becoming overly complex in my searches. Based on the above, I reckon we have been wearing clothes : for much longer than we can imagine.

– It’s just that we haven’t found any proof yet.

So we have a privative peoples, wearing clothing, but tilling the land without iron?
– And successfully?

The Aztecs didn’t use any Metal, had weapons as hard as steel (made from obsidian, inlaid into tempered wood) : And were a very successful peoples. How they farmed without ploughs, is with a [ digging stick ] : And its this humble implement, that allowed a massive civilisation to develop. The Egyptians used them, as did the peoples of Gobekli Tepi : Near the border of Syria.

– Quite close to Rome.

10.) So in Conclusion.
On our long route out from Rome, dressed in clothing, as a modern man would. We hunted; then farmed using digging sticks.

– It was much more productive.

With it, we raised even bigger family units. Using the rhythm method, we slowly colonised this vast area of Europe, but a generation at a time.

– We did it : very, very slowly indeed.

We bred our way up through the woods and dense forests following the great rivers; and then round the coast line of a warmer Super European Continent.

– The Egyptian line went in the other direction.

– In all that time, life was very Good.
– Life was very Easy!
– And life was very Cheap.

Our growing families, two thousand years later; slowly made their way back down either sides of Briton.
– But things are changing behind us.
The world was changing, again!

What we can draw from the facts presented. Is that about 7,000 to 5,000 years ago; the world was changing rapidly. It got cooler : It got wetter, and from the perspective of the residents of these shores, the sea level rose dramatically.

11.) Putting it all together.
In the North of England on the West Coast, is where we found the buried stones. They tell us more than we might think. Some have three sides, but a lot of them have six sides to a stone.

Throwing a Six.

Here is an example.

I reckon, through logical reasoning; that they indicate the six seasons of the farming year.

– Or even three at a basic level.




1.) The cold time to break up the ground and kill off the pests.
Second Winter.
2.) Water time to prepare it.
3.) The Seeding time.
Late Spring.
4.) The growing time.
5.) The Reaping and Harvest time.
6.) Re-digging and Preparing.
First Winter.

– And again the next season begins.

Six sided stones. Buried in the ground, in the dirt; in that magical place that grows plants that feeds the family. I assess, that the stones were in actual fact prayers buried in the ground : Placed there to appease the demons that lived there, and whom favours are needed to be sort. Because it was from the ground, that the weather comes from, and it was in the ground; that the good luck, and blessing messages from the farmers were sent.

– You can prove this weather phenomenon for yourself.
– Just look to the horizon.
– The weather comes up from the ground.

The stones were put there, because the weather, and the seasons were changing around the Neolithic farmers.

11a.) Seeing it.
All of the above only makes sense if you ditch your preconceived ideas on what civilisation is all about.

– And that includes how you view the weather.

You might know it comes from the sun, working on the higher atmosphere and evaporating the surface of the sea, but primitive man wouldn’t.

All he knew, was that the world went on forever, and the sun replaced the night. The world got slowly darker for six months, then got brighter and warmer for the other six.

You can prove this fact yourself by placing a large piece of wood, or tall stone; (it doesn’t rot) : What you do is simply place this locator in the ground, then mark the shadow at dawn each day.

– Even on a cloudy day, the position of the shadow changes.

– And that is all they needed to know to grow crops.
Oh’ : And never go into the ground where the demons live.

11b.) Look up.
The stone circle built right onto the cliff edge on Aran raises some interesting speculation. It wasn’t a tsunami shelter as some suggested. Nor are they forts for defence, as has been pointed out in several articles. Many of the locations weren’t defensible.

– I put it to you, that they were – Druid Cathedrals.

The Population, no matter where they were; looked up and saw the earth works and stone *forts* : (Ho-ho!) of the Druids.

11c.) Look out.
As previously stated, the world was changing around the Farmers and Druids. The seas were rising, the climate was getting cooler, and it was getting more tempestuous.

– Lets again, go back to the stone balls.

The population were now fixed in place, and suffering from failing harvests. I theorise that those stones were in actual fact prayers, and they were used to ask the gods below for a blessing on their harvest. The stone balls, (they bought from the Druids) : And then buried, were tributes, or offerings to the demons, and demi gods that they believed lived under-ground.

– And where they never went, without deep Rituals being in place.
– It’s an important distinction.
– Here’s an interesting fact to support that supposition.

In all this time, no one was ever found buried in the ground : no graves, (as we think of them) : Have been found for this period. The bodies at the time, were vanished; and only the bones were stored.

– I propose that the dig at Brodgar, was in actual fact.
A Druid Rendering Plant.

11d.) Look out.
It’s known, (from basic records of the wealth of the Druids.) That some sort of payment was made to them, these facts are recorded. It seems that the locals, and Farmers paid them to keep their loved ones close. I propose, that the dying wished for their bodies to remain within the family, and the land that they loved. In doing that, they will stay forever near their tribe and family.

I also propose that the great round and straight curses found on these sites, where in actual fact, the spoil tips for the rendered bodies.

– Only their bones were kept in vast stone halls.

These collections, and increasing mounds; added to the belief of the living, who saw their dead family members living with them.

11e.) Room with a view.
From the dawn of time: Death is a known fact: We all know it will happen to all of us.

– Including you dear Reader, you will DIE, as will I.

If you consider this for too long, you will lose your mind. We have a belief structure in place to calm our minds on the inevitable. Primitive man knew this fact as well, and like us; must have had a alternative belief structure in place.

I assess that the primitive logic goes like this from what I’ve read thus far:-
         – Your spirit, ( that, what you are: ) Must be released from your flesh. Only when that finally happens, can your body, and spirit be freed and reside in the Land, and your Tribe, and Family forever.

– You Never Actually Died.

Only powerful Leaders, Warriors, or High Priests were buried inside raised Mounds, and they were built *above* the ground, but not their bodies.

– Usually, they were also rendered.

Their remains then rested on top of the ground in, or near; the village. Being there they also watched over the tribe. Whilst the tribe watched over them. The members of the village benefited from the knowledge of their dead Leaders, and Family members being amongst them. It also gave the villagers the impetuous to protect their home.

– And the village at all costs.

From the facts of never finding the dead buried in the ground. I theorise that they believed the deep dirt, was where the Demons lived, and no one ever went there.

– Except Miners, who were a breed apart.

12.) The Dark Side:
The only ones ever found buried, were disabled. (we don’t like to admit this fact.) but the deformed, and disabled have been found in Mizzens, and deep dried up wells; used as rubbish tips.

(‘~’) – These burial sites, were all found; ( within – the Village Boundaries. )

Here’s another [ Link ] to a BBC web site. It proudly states that the deformed girl called Bourton Betty was found on top of a rubbish pit, and she was probably sacrificed. Another one, as was the supposed Warrior Queen: Who was buried under a second hand chariot, a mirror was also left at her feet.

– They were both found, buried; *under* the ground.

I propose that their job in the After Life.
        … Was to face down the rising demons from the underground realms, and that they knew this whilst alive, because they were all treated like revered persons. Their teeth condition proved that the had an easy life style whilst alive.

Let’s just consider that metal mirror found under the chariot, and remember that it was wrapped inside an animal skin.

– It’s a strange place to find a valuable object like that.

I’d say that at her funeral, her dead deformed face was captured in its surface, and then trapped in it. Finally it was wrapped inside that skin

– It was a clever trap for the demons.

My assumption is that the Person’s they have found buried in the ground, were in actual fact; good luck charms for the tribe, but being born disfigured; they had a defined function.

12a.) – During their brief lives, they were – Living Gargoyles.
Within the tribe, and village; they did a proper job of keeping the demons and evil spirits at bay. These lucky charms, also knew that when they died; that they would block access to the underworld with their deformed bodies.

– They lived in peace, and were happy.

Capturing a deformed one, from another tribe was a great trophy. Who could be used, whenever the villagers wanted.

– Just a thought.

13.) From Lucky Charms to the Condemned.
In the North of England, on the East Coast : Is where I want to look at one death the Archaeologists found in a cave in Rydale. [ Here’s the Link. ] It’s the article on the dead girl that interested me : Of course, its supposed that she was sacrificed to the Gods.


– Only we believe in Gods we cannot see.

I say, based on what I’ve read : That the Ancients believed in the Gods they could see. Like the spirits in the grass, the woods, in the water and the rain; and in the wind all around them, but they especially believed in the demons below.

– They also believed in the living growing seasons.

If you accept my stones theory, they also prayed to them all.

If we agree, that the lower realms in the ground was a place to be avoided. Then the dead bodies found in the caves of Rydale raise some serious questions. Trouble is, it wasn’t only in one body murdered like this that have been found in this deep cave, but lots of others have been discovered as well.

The most brutal ones, that have found to date; are the [ Bog Bodies ] that have been found all over. All of them had vicious wounds being inflicted on the person being killed.

Most were strangled, [and or;] beaten about the head, [and or;] had their legs broken, [and or;] had their throats cut as well.

– They weren’t just killed.

They had the modern equivalent of being Hung, Drawn and Quartered.

They were given, *All Deaths* : All at once.

(‘~’) – And : they were all killed, well-away from the local unearthed settlements.

13a.) The Execution.
Based on the concept of the under-ground, and lonely wet places of the deep being a place of hell. I say that the condemned were murdered, then forced to live with the demons; with their bodies in-tacked and complete.

– They were not only violently killed, but physically thrown into Hell as well.

I also propose that their deaths would have been witnessed by the entire village.
– And they would be encouraging it.

13b.) The Crimes against Humanity.
Let’s explore, just what sort of crime would attract that sort of Execution?

Not murder. A man who kills another for raping his daughter, would be hailed as a Hero. A woman who steals from another, might have a hand cut off, or pay some form of compensation. Overseen by the Priests, or Headman. A Man who takes revenge on his Brother, for killing his Sister : Would be considered a Man of worth. A Man who kills his wife for Adultery, wouldn’t be condemned. Her death, would be considered a justified killing.

Blood feuds went on for years, without recourse from the Authorities.

– And in some countries, still do.
– Fact.
– Most People [Police] Themselves.

Then : Just what sort of criminal act would attract the attention of the Druids?

13c.) Religion Rules.
Based on the fact, that the ground is where demons live, and the weather comes from it. Good luck and protection also resides with the deformed : who can protect the village from the demons.

– Then it follows, that if you were caught breaking.
– A Ground Rule:
– Then you could be condemned to.
– *All Deaths*.

Re-appraising the stones in the ground for good-luck shows a major part in their thinking. So taking it further: Perhaps such a crime would be selling one of the deformed to another tribe.
– The crime would be Religious Theft.

Maybe it was thought, that a bone, or two; would bring your house, or you: some good luck. The only place you could get them, was from the Stone Barrows.
– The Heinous Crime in this case : Was Grave Robbing.

I propose that both of them could be punishable by ‘All Deaths’ : And that involved the bodily expulsion from the world of the living, and the Tribe.

– That was the price you paid, if you got caught.

I bet that part of the Law was explained, in-depth; to all children. Yet still they paid with their lives for their crimes. Such was the value, of selling the ground rules on the open market.

14.) Our Church, their church : No difference.
The Druid faith, controlled the masses, with the truth of the After Life : But here on the earth : Among the living. It then charged the bereaved families for rendering the dead, to perpetuate the faith.

– It was a powerful, living; belief structure.
– It was permanently on display on the Hills and High Ridges of the Ancient World.
– No matter were you go in Britain.
– You will see a Hill Fort : Or a set of raised Stones.

I also predict the Druids controlled the warring Clans: They ruled the Rulers, by controlling the Population with the belief of life ever after, but here on earth. The resulting British Isles belief structure, bound its population into a highly balanced, utopian society; that the Romans could absorb.

– The British were a cohesive, but superstitious peoples.

Accepting that statement, might explain why those stones were found buried in the ground. It might also go some way to suggest a reason why the Ness of Brodgar was dismantled, and not simply abandoned.

A project of that scale, would have required a massive amount of social cooperation. (As would building the great Henge’s) – I propose, that after the site was dismantled; the entire population then moved South to the warmer climes of the south of England, and the great Salisbury Plain.

Such a massive migration, could only have been overseen by the Druids. Thinking it through, they couldn’t move the cattle, ( they’re wealth ) : So slaughtered half of them, then had a good-bye Barbie on the beach.

– And at that point, they all moved on.

{‘\/’} – The Final Frontier.
This is all speculation, as nothing of those Celtic / Druid Myths now remains.

All can be found now, is stories of some Irish Kings, their wayward Daughters, and not forgetting the Mighty Warriors who were aided by Magic Druids. It seems that the Arthurian Legends come from Ireland as well.

Those shallow stories, is all that’s been passed down for over 4,000 years of history. The reason we lost it, is because all such Histories were kept orally within the closed Druid circles : The Druid’s clans; were then decimated when the Romans invaded Britain in 45 AD.

– From that point on, the true Druid faith collapsed, and really died.

All that remains today, is a (bad) shadowy copy of Christianity : that was recreated in the late 1800’s by wild Victorians.

– Shame really.

15.) Finishing Off:
If you accept my Thesis: It now makes more sense when you consider the resistance the Ancient Britons – (the Celts) – Put up against the Romans:

That was the time, when the Druid’s great, great, great, great grandfathers invaded a small Island Nation : That small Island, was an annoying barbaric Nation, located of the shore line, of the great Pagan Empire of Rome.

The Celts, and Druids; weren’t just defending their beloved Land.
– But their Belief Structure as well.
– And, the Burial Sites of the Ancestors.

It’s no wonder they put up such a good fight.

Based on the above visualisations: It’s not had to understand why the British, are even now; an Island Nation with a closed in-view to outsiders coming here.

– It’s what being [‘Irish’] : is all about.

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