How To Unistall. (Crap-Ware)

How-to: Programme Removal.

I’ve had a real problem with a computer programme from a company called NCH The software programme in question is called. ‘Debut Video Capture.’ The Blurb: It records and captures videos from almost any source. Available on Mac or PC.


Nor’ anything from this appalling company. That’s the reason there are no links to their wretched site.

The main problem with their software suites: (which are quite good), is that you can’t un-install the installed programmes from your computer, ever: Ignore the fact that they say you can do it, you can’t: – Not without being a Registry Mechanic, and that was something I didn’t feel comfortable in doing.
– Nor did I have time to learn.

So, for over a year, this piece of crap has been sitting on my PC. I got fed up with it popping up, saying Buy me: etc .. etc … : So I started digging on the Net, and to my surprise; I found a review site for such utilities.

It’s [ here ], and the site is very good.

( Both links will open new windows. )

The programme, I found for removing this NCH [‘crap-ware(tm)’] piece of shit; is called ‘Geek-Un-Installer’. The link is to the Author’s web page.

The programme is standalone, meaning it can run from a USB stick. (very handy): It’s also free for personal use, but more importantly: It Works! – I had to use ‘force-removal’ to get the video-capture programme off my PC, and to my relief, it’s finally gone.

– Hope it helps.

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