All Origins : Start Here!

In the Beginning was nothing, it was [‘Complete’], and it was [‘Perfect’].
– At least that’s what we are told.
But [‘nothing’]; can’t be further from the truth.

The Goggle Traps.

Origins of the Universe.
Bubble-verse (c)
In the beginning.
The voice of God.

The great nothing, that was the mighty void, was stretched taught and convoluted. It twisted in on itself, and in its convulsions : tears and rips occurred. Howls of anguish could be heard during these titanic contortions. The void isn’t pure and devoid, it has power, and is static.

– It is twisted, curved and straight.
– It cracks with raw power.
– When it turns in on itself, they are called: [‘Void Quakes’].

They are like Earth-Quakes on earth : They occur when the cooling crust becomes tensed. During these times, it shudders readjusting the plates, and when that happens; the quake releases tremendous amounts of energy across the surface of the planet.

– And so it is in the void.
– But the tension, is with the 3D concept of eternity itself.

Massive amounts of energy, as protons; come out during a ‘Void-Quake’.

– They are rapidly drawn out into the nothing.

Here, they felt the urge to be with their own, and held the thin line. For as micro-second, they form a perfect glowing bubble in the darkness of the eternal void.

[Fact] : A Bubble is the most efficient form that anything can take, and in the mighty void, the protons formed the most perfect thing ever created.

This process has been going on since the beginning of the void, and it did have a beginning. It was spawned out of nothing, and into nothing; it grew.

This void bubble would have faded, like all the many trillions before it.

Except as this this bubble flared, a second stronger pulse slammed into it.


Building skins

The picture to the left, is that of the surface of a Bubble.

The second bubbles more powerful origin, was from a slightly different point from the first void quakes reference.

– Both titanic bubbles skins began decimating themselves.

Plasma Universe.

Plasma, slamming into the bubble universe.

This powerful disturbance, triggered a third proton bubble.
Ten times in strength, it rammed into the morass.
– And : it came from another point; off centre of the other two.

The eternal void at this, finally became stilled.

In the center of everything. The combined Bubble skins now became a fiery maelstrom, and in that maelstrom; primitive matter formed from the trinity of nothing protons.

As it slowly burned, the skin of the titan bubble began its slow drift; expanding all the time. It slowly opened up into the void, but didn’t dissipate : Its increasingly thickening skin was held together, the new matter had mass; that was attracted to itself.

On the skin and in that slow drift, the convoluted dance of the heavens began. Moving delicately, the skin layer burned brighter whilst swirling faster and faster – And in that frenetic movement, it began cooling.

– Across the active skin, in that cold place; super heated cells formed.

Over time they collapsed into themselves, drawing the matter in even closer. Their mighty strength, was also their greatest weakness.

– They were born from their convoluted dance on the skin in the void.

In that movement, they couldn’t trap everything in their massive gravity wells.

Smaller super cells formed round them, and even smaller ones followed them swirling the dust round them as they went.

– The Galaxies began to form.

What we finally ended up with – is our Universe – full of Galaxies, but we can only see one small slither of the Origin Bubble’s thin skin.

We are part of a titanic Bubble-verse(c), but can only glimpse a minute fraction of its infinite arc, that means; we are even smaller than you might think, and it may also mean; that light has a finite wave length.

In conclusion, and trapped inside the Bubble-verse(c) : We are Static, yet Expanding at the same time.

Thanks for reading, Jessica : Praise be the ORI:

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