Book III.5 – History


A [ Nano Shadow. ] Project.

Golden Dawn:

2013 – That Book was given birth in November of that year.

I ran a phantom book writing in parallel with the Nano Contest. I knew I could do it, done it with the [‘Trinity’]: That evolved into [‘Origins’].

It’s just that I couldn’t bear to rub shoulders with the pathetic [‘me-Too(s)‘], Who are J. K. Rowling wannabes: They’re obvious on forums’ : begging other writers to read their books, and praise them above all others. They are almost [‘the Prostitutes‘] of the web.

Then there’s the [‘Smarmies‘]. I can use plurals, there should be a full stop there. I have gone to University: I have completed, and got a degree in writing studies. Only I am qualified to write: Trouble is, what they produce lacks (anything).

These people become [‘Trolls‘]

And are the most viscous animals you’ll ever meet on-line, of course: face to face, the are the most pleasant person you’ll ever meet, and they observe all the social niceties, but they really get their rocks off at the expense of others. They like nothing better than watching a flame war erupt around them. They are mental [‘Masturbaters‘] of the web, and they really do make me sick.

Contrary of popular belief: Trolls the are highly intelligent, and not the bottom feeders from the sink-estates.

Now, we come to the structure of Nano; and from it: we can’t forget the constant begging letters we received from the [‘Operators!‘]. The Nano web costs’ millions to run. So they say! – And they need thousands to run the contest. So they beg constantly for money. They state: It’s for the Kiddies’: And from that blank statement, they expect us to roll over, salivate and go belly up: handing out our money as we go – [‘For the Kiddies!‘] – Bull-crap!

Really had to get that off my chest, and in my opinion: That’s why writers forums’ and especially writing contests: don’t work. Everyone, just wants to be famous, and rich (like J.K.) they have no love, no real commitment to what they do.

Anyhow:- Golden Dawn is written this on the back of Origins, and is partly included inside Echo’s.

Note the plural above: really upsets folk’s (grin).

Thanks for reading, Jessica : Praise be the ORI:

Copyright © Mrs Jessica Simpson.
All rights reserved, from the year

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