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Married no children at present, but three in 2037.

I started writing this in 2007; after I got dumped back in this corrupted time zone.

If I ever get out of this time zone and back to reality, it won’t be a day to soon: and that’s where you come in. Because I need a special magical number to be registered in ‘time’.

– I need to acquire [ 3,141,592 ] readers.

That’s three million, one hundred and forty one thousand, five hundred and ninety two people: who open and read that statement. From either my Books, or Blog. That simple act will prime the trigger.

Are you the 92 second reader? — If you are then you won’t read any further.

[   ∏   ]

The words in this story have been constructed with, a Meme Memory; and the unfortunate reader who doesn’t get past the ‘pye‘ point above. Will be the one that corrects the time line. Rest assured, dear reader: it wasn’t you. You can continue with this narrative, in the safe and sure knowledge; that someone else out there, definitely won’t get this far.


All my stories, come from a series of events, told to me; after I was rescued on that hot day in June. My House was attacked; and my Husband killed. My children, yet to be born; were all at school that fateful day, and I consider it a blessing, that they were spared the violence shown against us.

But in being taken out of my time, then dumped back in the relative safety of this dreadfully corrupted year, and time line. I knew I couldn’t live this way.

– So I came up with a plan.

The Internet Condition.

Don’t look for ‘the Pink Elephant!’

As I previously stated I’ve introduced a pre-condition in this story and it was when the 3,141,5 – 92 [nd] reader of this story opens it and starts to read it. Then certain conditions will have been met, and that fateful reader’s soul will be used to correct the flow of time.

Elo’heem cannot see this unfortunate person, but [‘the Plan’] has his approval.

As you’ve read this far, then you know it wasn’t you.

Our history says 2019 is when it all changes. You my dear reader, are one of the [Hero’s] in time. Because by reading this account of the truth, you have now become part of it.

After looking for [‘the Pink Elephant’]: that you were specifically told [‘not’] to do. Your mind is now primed and ready.

– You, have become one of the many.

Thanks for reading, Jessica : Praise be the ORI:

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