Praise be the ORI.

That statement above causes problems, and here’s an outline; to why I use it so often.

In the beginning ‘they’ (as one) created the universe from the void.

– From within a word.

‘He/they’ then sat back and watched it develop.

Then we came along.

[ We ] … The only self aware creature in all his creation; and we knew the truth.
Man, in his infinite knowledge; corrupted it to his own ends.

From Odin, to Zeus, to Ra! – His name was debased … The word God then became used as a panacea by the new Men coming from that place of slavery.

The word spread, it was taken up by others on their crusades. Allah, Jehovah, Ello’heme. These are the new names for an original god.

Go back … Without a church behind you : and praise his name.

Praise be the ORI.

– And now you know what it means.

Thanks for reading, Jessica : Praise be the ORI:

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