Face off:

Gennaro’s Children … What they look like.

  Romana Gennaro.


Navigator and Controller of the Acorn Project.

128 years old.
… A devout follower, of the word of God, and she is on a mission.

  Sergeant Sara Phillips.


Officer of the Duesville Sheriffs Department.

Mech’tee Agent.

… Empath and unopposed operational Leader of the team.

  Deputy Bill Miller.


… of the Duesville Sheriffs Department.

aka Tra.

… Used to call himself ‘the Trainer’ shortened it to Tra. Boasts that he was a Trainer of white Trash and Negroes. Racists.
Officer and was gong to be suspended.

Calmed down since he was partnered with Phillips.

Mech’tee Agent.

Sentinel of the Acorn.

… And a danger, beyond belief.

  John Walker.


Brother of Anabel Walker.
Drug dealer, user : Reformed.

Mech’tee Agent.

Protects the team.  Like Tra he is classed as a Sentinel,  and like Tra; he is a very dangerous man.

  Anabel Walker.


Sister of John Walker. Drug user. Recovered. Best friend of Annie. Foul Mouthed.

Using her up front attitude she can hold it with with the best, but when she withdraws; she can simply fade from view.

… She becomes invisible. Outspoken Mech’tee Agent.

  Annie Grey.


Thin; drug user. Recovered.

Mech’tee Agent.

Part One of an ‘interline link’ with Abdul and Mohammed.

She is a powerful Skinner.

  Mohammed ibn Abdul ibn Wahb.


First Terrorist Bomber.

Mech’tee Agent.

Part Two of the ‘interline link’ with Annie and Abdul.
Incredibly fast and accurate.

He is an earth force for the duo of Skinners.

  Abdul Harris.


Second Terrorist Bomber.

Mech’tee Agent.

Part Three of the ‘interline link’ with Mohammed and Annie.

A Skinner with abilities he isn’t aware of

  Murray White. 

Son of Judge White,American Football player.

Was going to Collage.

Mech’tee Agent.

Very Strong and fat.

Subtle. Dismiss him as an idiot at your peril.

  Mr James Earl Smith aka Smithy. 

The old Court Bailiff:
also has the job as Janitor and Maintenance Man.
5’6″ aged 59 years.- quite fit; slight limp!
– slightly flabby!
– he’s been in the court for years and was close to retirement:

Now runs the Acorn and knows everything about the time travelling unit called the Val’taVille.

It is obliged to obey him.

… He is a Builder.


  Jane Olson. 

Young, Fourteen. Abused by her father.

Mech’tee Agent.

…Time Seer.


  Sam. [Surname withheld.]


12 year old blond haired technician of the Mech’tee.

… And is a Councillor.

His Mother holds the key.

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