Spring time in Paradise.

Well, Easter has come and gone, and still [Echo’s] is in a state of temporal flux, sorry about that!

Currently my website is the focus of my attention. I got sick of the pink cotton candy one I made. After all that tweaking I did: it ended up looking cheap and nasty, something a child might enjoy!

Changed the look and feel of it, in one night.

My WordPress site uses Weaver II: It’s very good, and relatively simple to use, but does have a steep learning curve. If you want any pointers on it, email me! – I’ll be only too glad to help.

Other news: I’ve sold my windows 7 portable PC, and bought a 13″ MacBook Air. It runs for ten hours without a recharge. Tested it for nine before it started complaining.

I’m running Scrivener on this platform, and it saves in all formats.

– And that, is all it has got going for it: compared to the PC version.

On a Mac: everyone says it’s better, but that’s not my experience; being as I only use the program to break-down my work.

My problem using the PC, and Scrivener; was I couldn’t get the program to read my work back to me. On the Mac I can, but it’s not all a bed of roses.

The voice I selected to test my writing, is actually OK, but you cannot get to the heart of the program. The underscore (‘-‘) I use, to break my paragraphs: is viewed as a conjoin statement, making the voice ramble over it.

– Does make the content hard to decipher.

Something weird is also installed on the Mac. The program is called ‘Ginger’, and is described as a writing tool. It’s been picking up some of my more glaring errors, but at seven bucks a month, tis’ expensive.

– Doesn’t like [tis‘].
– I may pay for it, I may not.

The Mac keyboard also sucks big time; as there is no delete key! – Nor any comparable pop-up WINDOWS command key. I used that feature a lot on the PC, and missed it greatly:

MacIn the end, I was forced to bolt on, a USB keyboard and run a program called Keyboard Preferences.

Doing that, finally gave me some control back.

Installing programs is another minefield, the Mac doesn’t make it easy and compared to the PC: – It’s practically in the stone age.

The problem stems from my use of directories (not bloody folders) – I like to control that sort of thing, but woe-betide anyone wanting to actually view the directory structure.

Think I made a mistake getting this Mac and flogging my portable.

Trouble is, the darn thing cost me over 900 (pounds) and I’m going to master it.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise-be the ORI.


Moving on up.

Hello and welcome …

This is a web update on loss of widgets and more shameless promotions on my Book’s.

The web up date.

… My sidebar widgets disappeared from my main page, but they were showing on the other ‘Pages?’  — I searched the web high and low, and found there was indications, that this issue had affected other people? … But nowhere did it say how they fixed it, or what the issue was?

Well I can tell you.

When the PHP parser trundles through your pages putting them on screen. It does this in sure knowledge of getting to the end of the file. If it aborts IE: the file end is not reached, then all operations are caught in ‘an error trap’ and ‘terminated’ … And that includes your widgets which are processed last.

… If you suffer from this condition and you’ve trawled the ‘Internet’, and stumbled across my site? Then my advice is, look carefully at your last comment, either on your main ‘HOME’ page or the one ‘PAGE’ that has been affected.

PHP Parser will abort on.

<!– quotes you placed inside ‘your comments’ –>

… And quotes: … esp’ blockquotes.

<blockquote></blockquote> with no text …  the reason these are being shown is because the chars for the “<!–” is being represented as a number and not a parser command. This has been written with the “Visual” and not the “HTML” tab version.

… And another example that chokes the PHP Parser is a ‘nul’ terminated string.

IE  “And this is the news…( and the string isn’t terminated) … These are usually placed there, when you work in the HTML tab. It’s powerful but dangerous.

… There are others, but that’s what you’re initially looking for in your own comments, and the comments of your readers.

My Book:

…. I’ve placed an updated version of Gennaro’s Children – Book 1 – the Gathering: on the site. Its a complete re-write.

Click on the image to Jump to the intro page:



And see a break down of what’s new.

Also while your here.

I’ll provide a link to my second thrilling Book in the series (terrible and shameless plug)
Gennaro’s Children – Book II – Generations:  … on my site.

… I’ve finally pulled the chapters sections: BTW, in my eagerness it disable the links I cleverly placed all the links inside html several <!– ‘rem’ –> ‘rem’ statements? — not a good idea with PHP running in raw mode.

Many thanks for reading Jessica.


A New Hope

It’s been a while.
I’ve spent the summer working on Book II and other chapters in IV:

The Google link seems not to have done much. I’ve had 59 downloads from my site and I can only presume they came from the ‘ISBN’ Google created for me.

        … And in all that time I’ve only had one comment from Robb. But thank you again for it Robb. I greatly appreciated it.

        … But from ‘feedbooks’ my Book has been downloaded 9,360 times. Cool! …And as I’ve discovered there’s a new comment as well.
Thank you ‘Foxfur’.

Book II can be found here http://www.feedbooks.com/userbook/15547 

        … And with this site you can download it in a variety of formats.

Other things – I’ve redesigned the site…

        … And now have Menu headings for the Books I->IV: .. I’m also in the process of creating ‘Knickers’ or ‘Shorts’ and that’s amusing me, but as I’ve said they’re my ditties are really ‘Bizarre’ and I’ve only put ‘the Void’ concept in there at present … [Sara-Jane comimg soon!]

I’ve removed the chapters element from my pages. [or will soon] [update 11/11/10 done it] It’s all or nothing and trying to maintain them was becoming really problematic, but as I say if you need them caontact me!

Book 1  and 
Book II 
are in their respective ‘Pages’ accessible from their ‘Menu’ headings above or click the links shown here … The links will open the book’s in a ‘PDF’ format to your brower / or download the file direct.

Once downloaded, click “Save as!”

        … Lets make it easy people!

Thanks, Jessy.